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How to make the bed look "perfect"

i've ever looked longingly those cozy beds and perfect decoration magazines h ome and you wondered, "Could I make my bed look like?" - The answer is yes".

But do not worry - fix a bed is easier than you think. Follow these simple instructions and see how your bed looks beautiful and comfortable.King size bed for sale

Flat Sheet

basic parts of the bed:

  • Topper - or plush padding for protection and comfort *.
  • Sheet (Sheets collection "Chocolatina"of House Cristina® right)
  • fitted sheet
  • Pillow cases*
  • Quilt, quilt or coverlet

* Use hypoallergenic covers if you have allergies.


Between the sheets


  • If you use a fitted sheet no way to go wrong - elasticized corners hold it in place.
  • If you use a blanket as bottom sheet, please click here and find easy instructions for perfect corners.

Bed sheet

  • Place the sheet in the middle of the bed, dropping some 15 "on all sides. The edge with more ornamental work should go to the head of the bed.
  • Side printing of the sheet is placed down , so look when folded on the coverlet or duvet on the bed head.
  • Follow the same steps for both the sheet and for the ordinary sheet lies under with respect to the corners at the foot of the bed. Fold the top back below the area of ​​the pillows and insert it under the mattress.

Tip: Iron the sheet. It will look very neatly folded on the coverlet or quilt and you will feel very comfortable when you lie down.

The quilt also adds a touch

  • Place the quilt over the savannah and insert along with it under the mattress following the steps above.

Flat SheetDo not let the pillows out

  • Colócale covers on pillows and place them at the head of the bed, or put several horizontally against the headboard.
  • Decorative pillows (decorative pillows Collection "Chocolatina" of House Cristina®left) are shams for additional pillows that give an elegant touch to your bed.

Tip: The pillows are not eternal. Synthetic can be washed, but you have to replace every 1 to 2 years; Feather the last 5 to 10 years.


A good cover


The blankets and bed covers are lighter and formal rule, while the quilts and comforters are heavier and have a more "luxurious" aspect. (Photo below: Bedspread Collection "Chocolatina" of House Cristina® )

Flat Sheetcoverlets

  • Place the cover on the bed, leaving much of it to the head.
  • In the head, fold the cover towards the foot of the bed, below where will the pillows.
  • Place the pillows on top of the folded section.
  • Fold the blanket to the head above the pillows, and enter neatly behind them.
  • Add decorative pillows as desired.


  • Place the quilt on the bed, leaving much of it (about 18 ") to the head to bend below the area of ​​the pillows.
  • If you want to display attractive matching sheets, you fold them along with the quilt so that they see the sheet.
  • Or you can cover the entire bed and pillows with the quilt; added on top with decorative pillows and cushions covers.

Ready! The perfect bed in ten minutes or less. Now you just need fluffing the pillows, lie down and relax!